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Mal Haskins

I'm a Full IFMGA Mountain and Ski Guide. I operate in New Zealand and Antarctica and run High Altitude Expeditions…

Al Moore

NZMGA Ski Guide Al Moore, Canterbury skier for over two decades. He is often seen in Arthurs Pass and the…

Tim Robertson

IFMGA qualified ski and mountain guide with 20 years experience. I work in New Zealand and the Swiss Alps. ….

Paul Rogers

A seasoned NZMGA Climbing Guide Paul Rogers is famous for developing rock climbing areas in the Darran Mountains, Milford Sound….

Steve Schreiber

As both an NZMGA Ski Guide and an AMGA Ski and Alpine Guide, ski guiding is my passion and my…

Thomas Vialletet

French IFMGA Mountain & Ski Guide with over a decade with guiding experience and more than 25 years of climbing…